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What Is a Serving of Fruit and Vegetables?

It’s important to get a variety of at least 5 servings of vegetables, and 2 servings of fruit each day, but what exactly is a serving of fruit and vegetables?

A serving of vegetables is 75grams.  As a rough guide, this might be:

  • ½ cup cooked vegetables (these can be cooked from fresh or cooked from frozen)
  • 1 medium potato
  • 1 cup salad vegetables
  • ½ cup cooked legumes (peas, beans, lentils)

And for fruits? A servings of fruit is 150grams. One serving of fruit could be:

  • One medium piece of fruit (an apple or orange)
  • Half a large piece of fruit (e.g half a banana)
  • Two smaller pieces of fruit (two apricots)
  • Shop for fruit and vegetables in season to save money and add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals.

For more information on what is in a serving, check out Go for 2 and 5:




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