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Many of us don’t realise the implication of the food and beverage choices that we make – should I eat the banana bread or the mini fruit muffin at the café? Which one is healthier? How many lollies can I eat at one time?

Nestlé is dedicated to helping Australians to understand not only what makes up a healthy and balanced diet, but also how much of a certain food is an appropriate portion.

One way to do this is to make a change to some of our most iconic products and it is for this reason that ALLEN’S KILLER PYTHONS will be moving to a more responsible treat size of 24g.

First launched in 1983, the original size of KILLER PYTHONS was 47g.  Loved by kids – and kids at heart – the original size would take a ten year old child almost an hour to run off!  Now the new size means they can run off KILLER PYTHONS in around 30 minutes.

And there is no need to worry – KILLER PYTHONS is the same recipe, same great taste with no artificial colours and same stretchiness …it’s just a new treat-size python.

Making the change to such an iconic product is just one way Nestlé is encouraging responsible treats.  Some others include:

  • Responsible sourcing – as part of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, Nestlé chocolates are independently certified to ensure the cocoa is produced sustainably.
  • Portion education – our new Portion Device helps people to understand portions.
  • Resealable packaging – allowing some lollies to be enjoyed straight away, with packaging that allows them to stay fresh to eat later.

So when you next enjoy ALLEN’S KILLER PYTHONS – you’ll find it is the perfect sized treat!

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