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About Nestlé Choose Wellness

As the world’s leaders in nutrition, health and wellness, Nestlé wants to investigate the link between happiness and health, and that’s why we’ve initiated the Wellness Score. Does eating a balanced diet make us more optimistic? Can regular exercise improve our relationships? Does being healthy help us to become happier?

We’ve brought together experts in psychology, nutrition and fitness, as well as social commentators to help provide Australians with practical tips on improving their health and happiness. And the most important expert in the Quiz? You! Your participation, questions and comments will guide this Quiz, as we build a picture of Australia’s health and happiness today.

We hope the Wellness Score will grow into the largest ever project on health and happiness and be a resource you can turn to daily, for tips on being happier and healthier. One of our experts, Dr Grant, explains more about the Project, and how you can take part.

For more information on our expert contributors, visit the contributors page.

Get involved, visit our blog to read more about happiness and health and join in the discussion today.

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Dr Grant PHD, Consulting & Coaching Psychologist
About the Nestlé Choose Wellness Project